The oneAPI Center of Excellence

The oneAPI Center of Excellence is created at UNN in December 2020 with Intel support. The Center conducts research in the field of high-performance computing, parallel and heterogeneous programming in solving problems of computational physics using Intel technologies, software, and hardware, and also develops and implements relevant educational materials. It is the first such center in Russia and the fourth in the world.


The center is established based on scientific groups working at the ITMM Institute (Department of Mathematical Software and Supercomputing Technologies) and the UNN HPC Center. The head of the center is prof. Iosif Meyerov, an expert in high-performance computing and scientific software development, with relevant experience in leading interdisciplinary scientific projects. The center’s team includes researchers, teachers, engineers, and students working on problems of numerical modeling of laser plasma, quantum dynamics and quantum computing, decision making, etc. The educational direction of the center is supervised by an expert in parallel computing, prof. Alexander Sysoyev. The center actively cooperates with the research teams of prof. Arkady Kim (IAP RAS), prof. Arkady Gonoskov (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), prof. Sergey Denisov (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway), and with the Intel R&D Center in Russia.

I.B. Meerov

A.V. Sysoev

A. V. Kim

A. A. Gonoskov

S.V. Denisov

Selected HPC Papers

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