In recent years, the computer world has experienced a revolution: the multicore era has begun thus giving the need in parallel computing a universal character. Today, high performance computing skills are becoming essential for any IT professional.

Training and eduction in parallel computing is among the UNN key lines of development.

The supercomputing education provided by UNN has a comprehensive nature:

  • UNN is a founding participant of the HPC Consortium of Russian Universities.
  • UNN provides training in methods and technologies of HPC systems application for students and staff of all UNN faculties specializing in physics and maths; the university also offers inter-faculty master courses in supercomputing.
  • The HPC content has been integrated into the undergraduate curriculum in Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technologies.
  • UNN has developed its Theory and Practice of Parallel Programming course that is adopted by more than 20 Russian universities.
  • UNN offers a professional development and reeducation program in High Performance Computing and Supercomputer Technologies for academic staff of state federal institutions of higher education.
  • UNN is a founding father and the main contributor to the High Performance Computing University which offers online courses available to all.
  • Since 2001, annual Youth Schools have been organized to study contemporary HPC technologies and the possibilities of their application to solve current sci-tech issues.
  • More than 10 textbooks in parallel programming have been published.
  • In 2011, a joint team of the Research Computing Center (MSU) and the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (UNN) won the Informatics Europe Curriculum Best Practices Award.