5-100 Project

In 2013, UNN became a winner of the National competition for participation in the federal target program for competitive growth of Russian universities.

The competitive growth program sets an ambitious goal for Russian higher education institutions that consists in providing better training and education to ensure Russia’s innovative development, conducting higher ranking scientific research and applied activities and ensuring tangible contribution to breakthrough lines of industry and business development.

Russian universities must become competitive with the world’s top scientific and educational centers. The goal of the 5-100 project is to ensure that at least 5 Russian universities enter the Top 100 according to international rankings by 2020.

The UNN competitive growth program is available on the university’s website (in Russian).

Achieving world’s leading positions in supercomputing and HPC is among the key additional features of the UNN development program. The UNN goal is to use the huge HPC potential in education, science and industry to obtain competitive scientific findings, and make innovative products and systems.